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Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is an artist who has been embraced in both Eastern and Western hemispheres. He set out with a strategy to establish a style that was distinctively rooted in Japanese culture, ultimately leading to the concept of ‘superflat’ employing a bold and colour filled aesthetic. Through a fusion of traditional nihonga painting styles blended with a contemporary ethos he creates simultaneously both cute but demonic characters which occupy anime like scenes.

Successfully blurring the boundaries between high art and merchandising, he singlehandedly seems to have reinvented the term Pop Art. Dedication to creating multiples of his work, have earned him the honour of being considered a modern day Warhol. The latest techniques and craftsmanship have gone into creating his beautiful prints, of which we are very proud at Printcave to be able to offer you signed by Murakami and sourced directly from Kaikai kiki.